Red Falcon
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Blood Type
Fighting Style
Debut Flying Dragon (Virtual Hiryu mode only?
Latest Appearance
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Status Alive
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Red Falcon is a character in the Virtual Hiryu mode of Flying Dragon. He is considered, mainly by his moveset, to be the Suzaku of the Virtual Hiryu mode. It is a possibility that Red Falcon could be Suzaku with another alias (given that both characters have similar outfits, the same hair color and even the same scar in their faces), an apprentice, related to Suzaku, or just someone who bears heavy resemblance to Suzaku.

Red Falcon's style of fighting is Kenpo, and his bio states that he attacks people's weakpoints like a falcon. He is the rival to Ryuhi, who was a rival to Suzaku prior to Red Falcon's appearance in the game.