Hiryuu no Ken III: 5 Nin no Ryuu Senshi
Developer(s): Culture Brain
Publisher(s): Culture Brain
Release date: July 6, 1990 (Japan)
Genre: Action
Game modes: Single Player
Ratings: N/A
Platform(s): Famicom

Hiryuu no Ken III: 5 Nin no Ryuu Senshi is the sequel to Hiryuu no Ken II: Dragon no Tsubasa. Elements of this game were used in Flying Warriors.


  • Ryuhi - This hot blooded fighter is the leader of the "Dragon Warriors" and an expert with Kung Fu. His home country is China and his fighting style is Kung Fu. Ryuhi is considered to being the main character of the Hiryu No Ken series, due to the fact that he appears in neary every game of the series and that the storyline of Hiryu No Ken is often focused around him.
  • Hayato - This calm, gifted fighter, is familiar with all types of fighting styles. His Home country is Japan and his fighting style is Kobujutsu. Hayato is known best for being Ryuhi's friendly rival and a member of the "Dragon Warriors".
  • Wiler - This Warrior is strong and reliable. He uses Martial Arts learned in the US Army. His home country is the United States and his fighting style is a mix of Martial Arts and amateur wrestling. Wiler is also known for being a member of the "Dragon Warriors"
  • Shouryu - This young ghost hunter uses ESP and he is currently training in Mexico. His home country is the United States and his fighting style is a mixture of martial arts and Lucha Libre wrestling. Shouryu is known for being a member of the "Dragon Warriors" and a friend of Ryuhi, Hayato and Yuka. It is hinted by their pre-battle quotes that Shouryu and Suzaku know each other from the past.


Critical HitEdit

At the last boss, hold Select + Start and choose attack. You'll deal a 250+ hit damage every time.

Play With Different Characters

At any of the "Chapter # Push Start" screens, press Select 10 times and you'll be able to choose between any the 5 characters

Skip Cutsenes

While in a cutscene, hold Select + Start and press A.

  • Misc. Passwords

At the password screen, enter the following Japanese characters. Format is Row #, Column #.

Effect Password


- 5,1 - 2,3 - 1,7 - 2,1 -
Sound Test

- 5,1 - 5,4 - 2,2 - 3,2 -

  • Passwords

Note: These passwords are in Roomaji. This may be difficult to understand if you don't know Japanese. These passwords will enable you to start at any chapter you like, and on different difficulty levels.

Effect Password Chapter 1 (Easy) Ke Ke Ki Ni Nu Se
Chapter 1 (Hard) Su Ko Ne Ki Ne So
Chapter 1 (Medium) Ke Ku Ma Se Nu Se
Chapter 2 (Medium) O Ta Ke Se Ke Na Nu No
Chapter 3 (Medium) He Na Te To A Hi He Ma
Chapter 4 (Medium) Ke Nu Nu Ta Ni Ni Ne Ho
Chapter 5, part 1 (Medium) Sa Hu Ma Tsu Su Nu No Ma Sa
Chapter 5, part 2 (Medium)

A He Mi So E E Ni Fu Ku

  • Secret Passwords

Final Boss - 4,2 - 5,6 - 5,2 - 5,2 - 5,2 - 1,2 - 3,2 - 4,2 - 5,2 - 3,6 -

Full Game - 4,2 - 1,7 - 1,2 - 1,2 - 5,2 - 1,2 - 3,2 - 4,2 - 5,2 - 3,6 -

Training (Hard Mode) - 4,2 - 5,1 - 5,1 - 1,2 -