Hiryu no Ken is Ryuhi's starting Secret Buster. Is is fairly strong as well fit for a character who is just beginning the game.


In Flying Dragon, Hiryu no Ken is performed by Ryuhi going into a Kung Fu "Dragon Stance" With Red enrgy flow into Ryuhi's Body (showing that it is his Secret Buster), he then jumps backwards, extends out one of his legs, begins to spin and charge down at his opponent, while in mid-air (still spinning), and hits the opponent with the extended leg while spinning, and lands on his feet behind the opponent. In this technique, the opponent is knocked upwards. While Hiryu no Ken is executed, a Red Dragon appears on screen. In SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu, it is performed the same way as in Flying Dragon except, before charging towards his opponent, Ryuhi staying in mid-air repeatedly spinning with his leg extended (for only a few seconds), then, he charges towards his opponent.


Hiryu no Ken is hard to get an opponent with, when fighting against someone on the Slightly Hard, or higher difficulty, as the opponent, would repeatedly jump (if the Side Step setting is OFF), and/or Side Step Hiryu no Ken (if the Side Step setting is ON).


Min Min : she is only one female fighter in this game. She has average strength and HP but outstanding in speed. Min Min has several critical techniques and able to attack her opponent in rush time. In the movie version, Min Min joined a fighting tournament and in the final round she fought with a professional Muay Thai fighter Leo and definitely overthrow Muay Thai fighter. Leo disappointed himself and fell Min Min has deprived his Muay Thai manliness dignity. The Thai guy practiced himself hardly until he reached the highest level of Muay Thai skills then he returned and challenged Min Min. Regrettably Min Min avenged Muay Thai with Chinese Kung Fu and beat Leo worse than before. In final episode, Leo was going to fight with Min Min again but he was attacked by a little girl, Yuka who uses aikido martial art. In street fight with no rule, the Muay Thai guy was hit in male weak points. The little girl smashed Thai guy’s testicles, gouged his eyes, kicked his throat. In the end, Yuka executed Muay Thai fighter and took his tournament tickets.