Alice is a character in the sequel to the game Flying Dragon.

Alice first appears at the tournament as an intelligent and tough college girl, wanting to prove she can take care of herself. She meets Ryuhi, the leader of the organization called Dragon Warriors, and the two become good friends. She also introduces her friend Wess, from high school. As the two collaborate, they are greeted by Roseman, and boxer and waiter. Alice, Roseman, and Wess watch as Ryuhi battles in the first round. They also go with him to greet his old friends Min Min and Red Falcon. Later at a feast, Alice defeats Spencer, a drag racer with a crush on her.

Like Yuka and Min Min, most of Alice's battles are not seen on-screen.

Later when Ellie and G. Fire learn that Dragon Warriors are undermining the tournament, Alice is taken captive and tortured by guards into Ryuhi's whereabouts. She is saved by Min Min and Yuka, and later fights Kate and Ellie in the final battle. She is one of the few to celebrate Ryumao's defeat. At the end of the tournament, she joins the Dragon Warriors with Ryuhi, Roseman, Min Min, Red Falcon, and Wess.

However, Ryuhi mentions in an epilogue that 8 months later Alice eventually parted ways with the Warriors to return to college and pursue law enforcement, while her friend Wess left the team to travel the world, leaving Ryuhi, Roseman, Min Min and Red Falcon the last few remaining Dragon Warriors.